Patreon Day 1

Day 1 of the Patreon campaign and 5 people made pledges! Shout out to Jennica Grienke Paige Lansky Liam Volke Jesse Charles Cowell and Mark Bensler. It’s hard to express how grateful I am to these people.

Don’t see your name in that list? Then you haven’t pledged yet! So, I’m here to ask again if you would consider helping me out.

I get it, this kind of thing is tedious at best, you’re on facebook to complain about politics and share cat videos, not hear some pretentious fool you haven’t seen in ten years beg for money. But honestly just pledging 1 dollar a month could radically change my life. I’m aiming to increase my creative output tenfold this year and any help you might be able to provide will aid me in achieving those goals.

Thank you so much again to those who have contributed and I hope tomorrow I can add a few more names to the shout out list!

Check out the campaign at


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