Day 1636

…A deep fear I’ve had for years

Is that a neighbouring apartment dweller

In some vain attempt at novelty 

Will decide to keep a python as a pet

And one day 

The python will get a little dream in its little reptilian brain

A dream of freedom 

And that python will escape

A daring prison break into the vents 

The warm safety of the dark 

And that python will think itself pretty smart

Until it gets hungry

At which point it will slither out to the nearest suite

And find itself face to scale with an innocent sleeping victim

And that victim will be 


At which point it will coil itself around me 

And swallow me whole

(Soldiers training in jungle combat are told if they find themselves being enveloped by some monstrous serpent to hold still and let the snake start to devouer them. They are not to move for fear that the thirty foot muscle with teeth will crush them in reflex. They are only to strike when the snake’s head reaches the soldiers hands, where said soldier was supposed to have kept a knife of some magnitude and seration and are told to cut their way out…brain first…I think about this when I fall asleep sometimes)

I wonder some times

If someday someone will read this

And wonder

Was there something more

They could have done…


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