Temporary shutdown

Hey all, Over the last few weeks I've been trying to reconfigure my various sites to streamline my creative output. As such I'm going to be shutting this site down in order to move to more viable platforms. I want to thank you for you all your support, whether reading my posts, commenting or just... Continue Reading →


Day 1723

... It's an easy thing Becoming bitter All you gotta do Is let someone compliment Your art...

Patreon Day 1

Day 1 of the Patreon campaign and 5 people made pledges! Shout out to Jennica Grienke Paige Lansky Liam Volke Jesse Charles Cowell and Mark Bensler. It's hard to express how grateful I am to these people. Don't see your name in that list? Then you haven't pledged yet! So, I'm here to ask again... Continue Reading →

Day 1722

...Art is no alarm clock It's fits and starts Moans and moments Failure perpetual Luck potential It promises oblivion And grants nothing but dust What is legacy but a Withered flower The perfume gone to vapour There is no calendar to creation No checklist to celebrity You create out of need And pray someone interprets... Continue Reading →


I know I've been slacking recently on updating. I've still been writing every day just haven't gotten to updating the blog. You can find my hand written (or sometimes cell phone tapped) first drafts @anaveragemango on instagram if you're interested. I'm going to double my efforts to keep up to date on this blog, especially... Continue Reading →

Day 1721

...Better always to have A dream You would kill for Rather than A day waster You wish to be Loved for...

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